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Advance in high-pressure physics

January 26, 2017

Nearly a century after it was theorized, Harvard scientists report they have succeeded in creating the rarest material on the planet, which could eventually develop… Read More

Soft robot helps the heart beat

January 20, 2017

Harvard University and Boston Children’s Hospital researchers have developed a customizable soft robot that fits around the heart and helps it beat, potentially opening new… Read More

Strengthening ties among women in physics

January 18, 2017

hen Margaret Morris looks around her physics class, sometimes she is the only woman there. Morris, a senior at Brandeis University, is living the reality… Read More

Seeking a breakthrough on catalysts

January 12, 2017

They have been a fundamental part of modern industry for more than a century, but the development of new catalysts to speed chemical processes has… Read More

The first fully 3-D-printed heart-on-a-chip

October 24, 2016

arvard University researchers have made the first entirely 3-D-printed organ-on-a-chip with integrated sensing. Built by a fully automated, digital manufacturing procedure, the 3-D-printed… Read More

The first autonomous, entirely soft robot

August 24, 2016

A team of Harvard University researchers with expertise in 3-D printing, mechanical engineering, and microfluidics has demonstrated the first autonomous, untethered, entirely soft robot. This… Read More

Toward a better screen

August 10, 2016

Harvard University researchers have designed more than 1,000 new blue-light-emitting molecules for organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) that could dramatically improve displays for televisions, phones, tablets,… Read More

The bionic cardiac patch

July 7, 2016

Scientists and doctors in recent decades have made vast leaps in the treatment of cardiac problems, particularly since the development in recent years of “cardiac… Read More

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