New CNS Facilities at the Allston SEC

The Center for Nanoscale Systems recently opened three new facilities in the Science and Engineering Complex (SEC) at Harvard University’s Allston Campus. Our new materials characterization lab houses a diverse selection of instrumentation for analyzing hard and soft materials, including thermal, mechanical, surface, particle, and chemical characterization. Our soft lithography facility is equipped for fabricating and replicating micrometer to nanoscale features using soft elastomeric materials, either through self-assembly or replica molding. Meanwhile, the new imaging lab has two high resolution electron microscopes, along with an array of electron microscopy sample preparation tools for hard and soft materials.


Click here for more information about the tools available in our Allston and Cambridge facilities of contact info@cns.fas.harvard.edu for more information.



from the

Robert Westervelt, Director

William L. Wilson, Executive Director

The Center for Nanoscale Systems (CNS) at Harvard University was created with a very clear vision: To provide a collaborative multi-disciplinary research environment to support of the creation and evolution of world-class nanoscience and technical expertise, for the Harvard research community as well as the larger community of external researchers both from academia and industry.

Our Core Values:

Facilitating leading-edge, multi-disciplinary, research and education in the areas of fabrication, imaging, and characterization of nanoscale structures, across the disciplines of applied physics, biology, chemistry, electrical engineering, geology, materials science, medicine and physics.

Creating a “world-class” collaborative nanotechnology research community by providing shared instrumentation facilities and infrastructure, expert staff, synergistic meeting places, and educational opportunities conducive to productive scientific engagement.

As the New England hub of the NSF National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI), CNS strives to be at the leading edge of science and technology, by providing world-class tools for world-class research, and by fostering a strong competitive edge for our nation’s investigators. Importantly we serve a broad, diverse, national set of users who are focused on meeting the nation’s needs in a wide range of next generation technologies.

The focus of the technical team at CNS has been to develop specialized tools, processes, instrumentation, and expertise to help design, simulate, characterize, and fabricate novel materials, nanostructures, devices, and systems, going beyond conventional approaches. We invite you to join our research community, pushing the envelope of nanoscience and nanoengineering.


15 Jun, 2022

The 12th CNS-Nanofabrication Summer School

CNS Nanofabrication Team will continue offering a series of tutorials on nanofabrication technologies in this summer. Two tutorials every week will cover the fundamentals of each nanofabrication technology. The operation principles, process tips/tricks, and related frontier research and applications will be discussed. All CNS users are eligible to attend.
Certificate will be awarded to any attendee who takes more than 7 courses!!

Jun 21 Introduction of Nanofabrication JD Deng
Jun 24 Photolithography Guixiong Zhong
Jun 28 E-beam Lithography (EBL) and beyond Yuan Lu
July 5 Advanced Laser Writing Technologies Heidelberg Ins.
July 8 Reactive Ion Etch (RIE) Ling Xie
July 12 ALE- CNS Seminar II Oxford Corp.
July 15 Thin Film Growth- (CVD-PVD-ALD) Mughees Khan
July 19 Metrology for Nanofabrication Jason Tresback
July 22 MEMS process and Packaging Guixiong Zhong
July 26 CNS Seminar III Fintech

Location and Time: 100 Geological Lecture Hall, 24 Oxford St., Cambridge MA,
02138, Tuesday/ Friday, 12:00-1:30pm, Pizza lunch is available.

The agenda may be changed according to staff’s availability.
Contact Ling Xie: lxie@cns.fas.harvard.edu; Jiangdong Deng: jdeng@cns.fas.harvard.edu


10 May, 2022

Silicon carbide modulator

New research, partly performed at the Center for Nanoscale Systems, in which the researchers design, fabricate, and demonstrate a Pockels modulator in silicon carbide can be found in a Nature Communications publication and highlighted by the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Science.


10 May, 2022

New maskless aligner at CNS

We are excited to announce the arrival of our new Maskless Aligner MLA-2 at CNS. This is an advanced direct-write photolithography tool for exposing photoresist on varieties of substrate materials such as silicon, III-V, glass, diamond, ceramic, and metals etc. The tool is being used for fabrication of quantum devices, MEMS, micro-optic elements, sensors, actuators, MOEMS, and other micro-devices. The system, equipped with both pneumatic and optical focusing, has a minimum resolution of 0.6um ,and a global alignment accuracy of 500nm.



  • Summer School: Photolithography

    Jun 24 12:00pm - 1:30pm

    Guixiong Zhong

  • Summer School: Introduction to Nanofabrication

    Jun 21 12:00pm - 1:30pm

    JD Deng

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