Harvard CNS Raman Spectroscopy Workshop

Join us for an enlightening two-day workshop on Raman spectroscopy, taking place on March 12 and 13, 2024 at the Harvard Science & Engineering Complex.

This free event is open to all and will feature a series of talks from renowned researchers and experts in the field. The first day is dedicated to “Answering Materials Questions with Raman and Photoluminescence Spectroscopy,” with presentations from researchers including Ms. Vidhya Dev from Harvard Department of Chemistry and Dr. Raquel Alonso-Perez, Curatrix of the Mineralogical & Geological Museum at Harvard University. The day will also include a keynote speech by Dr. Xi Ling from Boston University and a tour of the CNS Materials Characterization Lab at the SEC.

The second day will focus on “Probing Biological Questions with Raman Spectroscopy,” featuring speakers such as Dr. Jeon Woong Kang from MIT Department of Chemistry and Dr. Koseki Kobayashi-Kirschvink from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Dr. Prabuddha Mukherjee, an R&D Biophysicist from Sartorius Stedim Biotech, will deliver the keynote speech. 

Both days will also include hands-on demonstrations on Soleil, providing attendees with practical experience. Sign up today for this unique opportunity to delve into the world of Raman spectroscopy!

Registration link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/harvard-cns-raman-spectroscopy-workshop-tickets-798904804777

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