Quantum@Harvard seminar: Engineered quantum materials using van der Waals atomic layer heterostructures

February 24, 2023

12pm – 1pm

Maxwell Dworkin 119

Abstract: Over the last 50 years, two-dimensional (2D) electron systems have served as a key material platform for the investigation of fascinating quantum phenomena in engineered material systems. Recently, scientists have found that it is feasible to produce van der Waals (vdW) layered materials that are atomically thin. In these atomically thin materials, quantum physics enables electrons to move effectively only in a 2D space. Additionally, by stacking these 2D quantum materials, it is also possible to create atomically thin vdW heterostructures with an extensive range of interfacial electronic and optical properties. Novel 2D electronic systems realized in vdW atomic stacks have served as an engineered quantum material platform. In this presentation, we will discuss several research initiatives aimed at realizing emergent physical phenomena in stacked vdW interfaces between 2D materials.

About Speaker: Philip Kim is Professor of Physics and Professor Applied Physics at Harvard University. Professor Kim is a world leading scientist in the area of materials research. His research area is experimental condensed matter physics with an emphasis on physical properties and applications of nanoscale low-dimensional materials.  The focus of Prof. Kim’s group research is the mesoscopic investigation of transport phenomena, particularly, electric, thermal and thermoelectrical properties of low dimensional nanoscale materials.

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