Quantum@Harvard Spring Seminar Series – Diamond Photonics Devices for Quantum Networking Applications

January 27, 2023 12pm – 1pm LISE 303

Dr. Bart Machielse, Amazon Web Services

Abstract: Quantum Networking is a nascent technology which promises to enable provably private information transfer, networked quantum computing, and enhanced quantum sensing. The core component of these networks is a quantum repeater, a device for correcting for loss and infidelities which occur when quantum information is propagated over long distances. The AWS Center for Quantum Networking is exploring candidate systems to serve as such a repeater. One such candidate is the Silicon Vacancy (SiV) in diamond. This platform is unique in having already demonstrated memory enhanced communication and can be integrated into diamond photonic devices. In this talk, I will present recent progress made by the Center for Quantum Networking on implementing a scalable quantum repeater platform. Particular emphasis will be placed on CQN progress on the fabrication and packaging challenges that currently limit the commercialization and performance of these devices.

About Speaker: Bart Machielse is a Quantum Research Scientist at the Center for Quantum Networks at AWS. He completed his PhD at Harvard University in the groups of Mikhail Lukin and Marko Loncar, with a focus on quantum photonic devices for quantum networking applications.

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