Special CNS Lunchtime Remote Seminar – Wed 9/13 12pm-1pm

โ€œNanoscaleโ€ Microwave Microscopy and Its Applications

Professor Keji Lai, University of Texas at Austin

Understanding the nanoscale electrodynamic properties of a material at microwave frequencies is

of great interest for materials science, condensed matter physics, device engineering, and biology.

With specialized probes, sensitive detection electronics, and improved scanning platforms,

microwave microscopy has become an important tool for cutting-edge materials research in the

past decade. In this talk, I will review the basic components and data interpretation of microwave

imaging and its broad range of applications, including quantitative measurements on

semiconductor devices, photosensitive materials, ferroelectric domains and domain walls, and

acoustic-wave systems. Implementation of the technique in low-temperature and high-magneticfield

chambers has also led to major discoveries in quantum materials with strong correlation and

topological order. I will also provide an outlook of the ultimate resolution, operation frequency,

and future industrial and academic applications of near-field microwave microscopy.

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