Special CNS Seminar: Three Cyclic Plasma Processes: ALE, DRIE, & ALD

Marco Volleth, Sentech Instruments GmbH

March 15, 2024 | 12pm – 1pm | LISE 303

Abstract: For some time now, plasma processes have not only been carried out
continuously, but also used in a cyclical manner. The best-known process of this type is the
so-called Bosch process for deep etching of silicon (DRIE). There is also atomic layer
deposition (ALD) for depositing very thin layers with high precision and conformality. The
equivalent etching process, called atomic layer etching (ALE), is used in more and more
applications. In the lecture, these three cyclic plasma processes will be examined in more
detail and applications will be shown using examples from SENTECH customers and our
application lab.

About Speaker: Marco Volleth studied nanotechnology with a bachelor’s degree at the
Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen from 2013 until 2017, followed by a master’s
degree in Electrical and Microsystems Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in
Regensburg (both Germany). The main focus of his studies was in the areas of lithography
and reactive ion etching, especially for the two-material systems silicon and gallium nitride.
Since October 2020 he is working as an Application Engineer for plasma etching at
SENTECH Instruments in Berlin, Germany. SENTECH is a manufacturer of plasma process
systems and devices for thin-film metrology.

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