Workshop on Quantum Engineering Infrastructure II

McNamara Alumni Center, University of Minnesota
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Sunday, March 3, 2024

The Workshop on Quantum Engineering Infrastructure II (WQEI2) brings together the quantum engineering and nanofabrication communities to develop short‐ and long‐term solutions for supporting quantum research within the US network of nanofabs. The agenda includes overview talks on specific quantum platforms, followed by panel sessions for discussion on how to meet the future fabrication challenges. The workshop is sponsored by the NSF, in coordination with the NNCI TransformQuantum Research Community, and the NSF AccelNet Global Quantum Leap (GQL) program.

Confirmed speakers / panelists:
William Oliver, MIT
Mark Eriksson, UW‐Madison
Neil Sinclair, Harvard
Chris Palmstrøm, UCSB
Sergey Frolov, Univ. of Pittsburgh
Kyle Serniak, MIT
Christoph Stampfer, RWTH Aachen
Gregory Fuchs, Cornell Univ.
Santino Carnevale, IBM Research
Dominik Zumbühl, Univ. of Basel
Arne Laucht, Diraq / UNSW Sydney

Registration is free and both in‐person and virtual options are available.
For more information on how to register, contact GQL Administrator Jordan Schwed at or Steven Koester at

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